Param Vir Chakra

Service No / IC-57556 / Unit: 13 JAMMU AND KASHMIR RIFLES



Awards : Param Vir Chakra

  • In Drass Sector, the enemy held strong fortified positions, heavily reinforced with automatic weapons, with treacherous approaches dominating Srinagar-Leh Road, the lifeline of supplies to Leh.
  • On 20 June 1999, Captain VikramBatra, Commander Delta Company, was tasked to attack pt 5140 during Operation Vijay. Captain VikramBatra, with his company, skirted around the feature from the East and maintaining surprise reached within the assaulting distance. The officer reorganized his column and motivated his men to physically assault the enemy positions. Leading his men from the front, the officer in a daredevil assault pounced on the enemy and killed four intruders in a hand-to-hand fight.
  • On 7 July 1999, in yet another operation in the area of Point 4875, the company of the officer was tasked to clear a narrow feature with sharp cuttings on either side and heavily fortified enemy defences, that covered the only approach to it.
  • In order to speed up the operation, the officer decided to assault the enemy positions along a narrow ridge. Leading the assault, he engaged the enemy in a fierce hand-to-hand fight and killed five enemy soldiers at point blank range. In this action, CaptBatra sustained grievous injuries. Despite the serious injuries, he crawled towards the enemy and hurled grenades clearing the position. Leading from the front he rallied his men and pressed on the attack and achieved a near impossible military task in the face of heavy enemy fire with utter disregard for personal safety. The officer, however, succumbed to his injuries.
  • Inspired by this display of extraordinary junior leadership, the troops fell upon the enemy with vengeance and annihilated them, finally capturing Pt 4875.
  • Captain VikramBatra, thus, displayed the most conspicuous personal bravery and junior leadership of the highest order in the face of the enemy and made the supreme sacrifice in the highest traditions of the Army.

Capt Vikram Batra, PVC was an officer of the Indian Army, awarded with the ParamVir Chakra (PVC), India's highest and most prestigious award for valour, for hisactions during the 1999 Kargil War. He led one of the toughest ops in mountainwarfare in Indian history.

Born:9 Sep 1974,Palampur

Died:7 July 1999,Kargil

Battles : Kargil War; Op VIJAY Battle of Pt 5140; Battle of Pt 4875

Parents: G.L. Batra, Kamal Kanta Batra

Siblings : Vishal Batra

Awards: Param VirChakra



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Dear Soldier, this Nation is blessed to have such sons of the soil. Your sacrifice will be eternally remembered.

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